Saturday, February 16, 2008

Three Down, One to Go....

As we pick this third winner this Friday, the month of February is almost over - can't believe that one! When Karrie picks out the lucky winner, I will be in St. Marteen, on the beach, (I know - poor me!) soaking up as much sun as I can to bring back to you all!! (At least I hope!!)

Before I let Karrie give you the winning name, I'll just share with you what you will be winning this last week of Customer Appreciation Month:
This week - enter to win a Swan Creek candle with a glass candle snuffer.

As always - three ways to enter our last drawing:
Post a comment on the blog
Email us
Enter in the store
Gooooood Luck!

And the winner is........
Erin Parlette!!!

Congratulations Erin, and thanks for braving the cold this week to help "entertain" me. The same goes to all who stopped by or e-mailed me while Karla is gone. Speaking of the sister, I did hear from her today (Which is really Feb. 22, she started this blog before she left.) and they are having lots of fun. But, get this, she did say it was a little too warm there today. Everybody together now.... Awwww, sorry to hear it...NOT!

I will have to say that I've had very little time to be "bored." Left in my hands has been the job of starting to rearrange the store for Spring Fling which is March 14-16, and getting all things "springy" out. Not only that, but if you've been in the store lately, the 10x10 square outline in bright green masking tape is not a new statement for spring, but the beginnings of our Home Show display. That's right, March 7-9 we will be set up once again at the Fremont Rec Center. I'm Sure Karla will be so anxious to blog again that she will fill you in with the details!

Before I go, a reminder that this is the last week for Customer Appreciation Month! If you have not redeemed your coupons, you have until Friday, February 29 to do so. Grab your coupon and your best buddy and come see what all is popping up for spring! And, as Karla said, don't forget to comment on this blog, e-mail us or stop into the store to sign up for the final give away. You have to sign up each week to win!

Think Spring Everyone!

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