Thursday, January 31, 2008

It's Customer Appreciation Month..... Let the Give-aways Begin!

Here at The Summer Kitchen, February is Customer Appreciation Month. We started this tradition, oh, I'd say around 5-6 years ago when we thought we'd like to do something wonderful for our customers! We started out by sending out coupons, a few years later, we decided to hold a complementary tea party, and this year, we've decided to give away four things during the month of February. So, starting now, click down below in the comment box, and leave us your name so that we can enter you into our weekly drawing. You can enter in the store too! Go on ahead – try your luck!!

Starting on the 8th and every Friday after that, we will pick a lucky winner for that week's prize! This week you can enter to win one of our "Sweetie Pie" books. We know that you will LOVE this book - not only does it have fabulous recipes of pies, it has great stories that you will have fun reading! Mom has had the book for a couple of weeks now, and loves pouring over the stories - as promised, she has handed me a "report" for this cookbook - have a look:

Hey Sweetie Pie!
Have I got the cookbook for you - a cookbook that reads like a novel! I've never seen anything like it - and, believe me, I have a lot of cookbooks! This one is so much fun, just to read. In "Sweetie Pies", Patty Pinner not only gives you her favorite recipes, but also tells you quite a tale about the ladies, whose recipes are in the book. Take this story, for example:

They tell me that Mama’s cousin Sister Baby was a real contradiction in womanhood. Sister Baby, who started in the fast lane early (they say, but the time Sister was twelve, Cousin Rachel, her mother, couldn't do a thing with her), was one of those kind of girls who could get out there and revel with the best of them. But, after she'd had enough carousing, she could step inside, slip into one of Cousin Rachel's nice aprons, and cook a meal so tasty, it was hard to believe Sister cooked it. They say her pies would come out of the oven looking like a picture.
Sister kept a string of male admirers. Of course, some in the family say Sister attracted men so easily because of her fastness; others say it was because of her cooking. I don't know what drew the men to Sister, the fact that she was a party girl or the notion that when she put her mind to it, she was a wonderful cook. I do know that even though my mother used to preach her "fast-girls-end-up-going-nowhere" sermon, she also used to say, "But it won't get you anywhere being too slow either."

Well, if you like that little story, you will enjoy the other snippets in the book too. Not only do you learn how to bake great pies, but you learn a lot of womanly advice with a good chuckle here and there - this book's a keeper!

My guess is that we will never get the book back – what do you think?

So, let's re-cap: This week – we’re giving away a book, and other give-aways will follow - just leave a comment, or enter at the store. We will also be having our complementary tea party next week, and would love to have you and some friends join us- here are the details:

Customer Appreciation Tea
Sunday, February 10th

We will be serving a fruit dish, muffins and cheesecake, along with 4-5 of our teas, including our wonderful Summer Kitchen House Blend! For your entertainment, we have our friend Terri, from Vibrant Solutions in Gibsonburg to share with us the benefits of message - can you feel the stress leave already??
RSVP at or by calling us at 419-638-4205.

Well, lots of boxes have been entering the store lately, and I thought I'd you can see, it was very busy on Tuesday, and I'm glad that I hadn't scheduled outside appointments that day! As you will see, this many boxes cause a lot of havoc in such a small store!
Not only do we have big boxes, the things in them.....but we have so much packing material.....

......and once we get through all of these boxes, peanuts, bubble wrap, more packaging material.....we get to the fun stuff!!

We just couldn't wait for the new cloches to come in - here's the etched one -isn't it gorgeous? Now, you know why there was so much packing material right? Just to let you know - not one cloche broke - and we got 17 different ones in!

These planters are great to use indoors, as well as outdoors! We received two of these, and two of another style in. Oh-so-fun to use where you need a gorgeous garden look!

We got in several styles of lamps - this one, perfect for a small spot - and so sweet looking! By the way - there's the Owl paperweights we got in a couple of weeks ago - I know the pictures a bit dark - but they are there!!

We got this lamp in for home show next month - talk about a punch of color in a room!

Last of all - we got in more of our Caldrea Hand Balm. This has to be, by far, the best lotion for my winter, dry, chapped, cracked hands! I couldn't wait to get to work every day to put some on.....I've now bought my own bottle, so I could have soft hands on my days off! Come on in and try some - and see for yourself!!

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Thought I'd let the two of you know how much I enjoy shopping for the very unique,fun, and beautiful items you have. See you soon. Ruthie


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