Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Our 10 top picks

Well, it's the last week before Christmas! Can we rewind and go back a week? I wish it was that easy! I think December needs to have that one extra week for everyone to be able to relax, do some baking and visiting friends - and that would be the only thing allowed!!
Well, it's not going to happen, so I guess we'll just deal with the time constraints, and get that baking and visiting done with the time we have left!!

Sister sale was a blast,even with the blast from mother nature!! You'll see that we cancelled the Liberty Center Tea Party, and have rescheduled it for Sunday, January 20th at 2:30pm. Let's hope for no ice storms! We'd like to congratulate Pat Good for winning the $100 gift certificate - hip hip hurray!!

How about our doggies here? Our good friend Connie sent us these pictures of the cute outfits made for her Yorkie "niece" and "nephew". I guess Emma was not as excited for her Auntie's outfit as Gus (who looks very proud in wearing her handiwork!!)
Thanks for the pics Connie!!

Now.....the last week of Christmas means there are last minute gifts that need to be bought, so we've come up with some favorites at the store. You must bear with me however, because I've misplaced or lost my camera - and don't know how I will survive!! (guess what's on my Christmas list????)

1. CD's
We love our CD line. The unique packaging really makes everyone pick one up to put in someones stocking - a great gift, and with 3 Christmas and 6 anytime CD's - you'll be able to get one (or more) for everyone on your list!!

We love these unusual bookmarks - they are a great gift for that avid reader - ya, you know the one......the one who has everything - everything except a bookmark like this!! There are 3 assorted styles with a blue ribbon and 3 assorted styles with olive ribbon to choose from.

3. Teas
Oh my!! We do love our tea here at The Summer Kitchen! We just got another shipment of The Summer Kitchen Exclusive Blend. This tea has been flying out of the door since we've introduced it! Add a vintage tea strainer, or a teapot to this for a great gift for that person who loves tea! We have 20+ blends to choose from - there's a favorite for everyone!

4. Bellsnickle Santas
This is the second year we have carried these santas. They are by far the coolest Santas around! If there is someone on your list that collects this patron saint of children - be sure to pick up one to add to their collection!

5. Cookbooks
Our ever-popular books are the Gooseberry Patch's Get-together cookbook, 500 cookies, and 500 cupcakes. We still have a few of our Papa Says books, the Mama Says are sold out - but we'll bring them back next year!!

6. Caldrea
We love our caldrea - and so do our customers! Our basket sets make the perfect gift for the hostess, your kid's teacher, a hairdresser, and your best friend. Kind on your hands, as well as the environment - you will love to indulge yourself, as well has everyone else!!

7. Willow Tree
We still have a good selection of Willow Tree - thanks to a re-order that came last week. There are a few nativity pieces left, as well as some other figurines. These are lovely, and everyone always oohs and ahhhhhs over them as soon as they unwrap the box!

8. Ring Boxes
Ooo-la-la! These sequined ring boxes have been a hit since we've introduced them this fall. Available in teal and cream, these have been snatched up by everyone, either for themselves, or for a special person in their life!

9. Crimson Berries pottery
This is the prettiest Christmas pottery I've seen in a long time! Any of these pieces would be great to mix and match with existing pottery - or get some of the great serving pieces with a cookbook, or some spreaders! This wouldn't disappoint anyone!

10. Vintage Reproduction Letter Openers
How can you go wrong with these letter openers and some stationary, or a box of museum cards like these Monet ones? What an elegant gift!

Bonus Gift Idea ****** Gift Certificates
Jingle Bells, Jingle Bells, Jingle all the way,
Oh what fun it is to ride in a one horse open sleigh - hey!
Jingle Bells, Jingle Bells, Jingle all the way
Oh what fun it is to get - a Summer Kitchen Gift Certificate

Who really wouldn't want this? Our sign out front says it well:
"Get her a gift certificate for goodness sakes!"

Well, there you have 11 very nice suggestions for those last minute gifts - give us a call if you have any questions! Remember - we gift bag those up nice and pretty for you - making the gift giving as easy as possible!!
Enjoy this time before Christmas!

*Just to let you know the fabulous pictures of the bookmarks, teapot & tea, the Bellsnickle Santas, the Caldrea, the beautiful picture of the letter openers and the picture of the Crimson Berries bowl with cookbook and spreaders was done by my good buddy Michelle White - Thanks Michelle!!! I told her that when we do our catalog someday - she's hired!!

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