Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Christmas Clearance Sale

So, you need to update some decorations? Well, we're here to help! Now, before you think I'm going to tell you to get rid of your grandmothers ornaments, and the ornaments you've been getting since you were a kid, let me explain! NEVER get rid of those ornaments!! I've got two trees just full of them - the old nativity - you can leave that too!! What I'm talking about are some updates - pick up some new greenery, wreaths, and arrangements. How about some new ornaments to pass on the tradition next year? Don't forget about next years gifts - hostess gifts, teacher gifts, and things to have on hand "just in case"! Why should you be thinking this? Well, the first big reason is that - everything is out and still fresh in your mind! This way, next year you won't say "I'm not sure what I have, I'll have to wait until I bring it down" (Karrie and I always say this!!)
The second big reason? There's a sale - a pretty big sale at The Summer Kitchen!
Take 40% - 80% off Christmas items, along with some everyday things on the clearance table, Today thru January 5th. After January 5th - they'll all be packed away for next year's sale - so hurry in!

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