Thursday, June 01, 2006

Welcome to our Journal

We thought you all would like to hear about things happening in the store, and so we thought we'd try this out! Let us know what you think!
New things are coming in by droves lately! We are so excited to have our Poppy pottery back! We tried it out last year with a few pieces, and it went fast! This year we went all out and got it all. Our favorite is the square bowl. This pottery would make a lovely bridal shower or wedding gift that any bride would love!
We are now ready for summer at the Summer Kitchen Interiors!
We have our outdoor table and chairs and lots of shells for you to put on display, whether it is in a bowl, plate or one of our apothecary jars. Come on in and see the unusual shells we "collected" for you! I've got to share a story with you about these shells....when we got the package in from DHL we were so excited. We opened it up and started unpacking. There were some very unusual urchin that we thought would look great with this display, well, they had a very bad smell to them, a really bad smell! They were up front on the counter, then back on the island, then back in the office. We couldn't stand them anywhere, so they are now in a box, sealed until we figure out what to do with them!! Anyone have any suggestions? Well, just so you know, the other shells do not smell, and those are the ones for sale!
Karrie, as usual is creating unique wreaths that will set you apart from the rest! It just amazes me how she can come up with original stuff each time! I love it when she has a paint color, or a sofa arm cover, and creates a work of art with florals for the room. She just did a couple of re-do's on arrangements, they were to die for! WOW! I guess if you'd like to make a statement with your florals, you know where to come now don't you?!

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I have a suggestion on the fresh aroma of seashells. My dealers in Florida always tell me to lay them out in the hot sun for a day or so which is the best way but we also have tried something else I picked up on my retail travels; spraying them with Vodka. No kidding- this alcohol leaves no medicinal smell and lightens the odor.


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