Thursday, January 17, 2019

God Bless You!

We are always trying to come up with ways 
to use our vintage pieces around the house!
Here is one of the ways we use vintage that
 EVERYONE ohhhhs and ahhhhhs over...

Get rid of those horrible tissue boxes immediately
and find yourself a pretty pitcher!

Open up the box of tissues and put the tissues through the opening 
and pull the first one out and voila! 

A creative and much more attractive 
than "the box"

Monday, May 01, 2017

Oh, Happy May!!!

We had such a lovely day yesterday ~ we held our annual spring tea party...
 "The Language of Flowers"

One of the delicious items on the menu were these cucumbers with herbed cream cheese.  
They were super easy to make, and everyone enjoyed them!

We thought they'd be a lovely recipe for you to try out...
easy to make and an excellent option instead of carrot sticks and dip!

with Herbed Cream Cheese

1 English cucumber
8 oz Cream Cheese, softened
1/4 minced fresh dill
2 tablespoons dill pickle juice
1 teaspoon onion powder
1/2 teaspoon garlic powder
1/4 teaspoon black pepper

Minced chives for garnish

Combine together the cream cheese, dill, dill pickle juice, 
onion powder, garlic powder, and black pepper 
with a mixer on high until smooth.
Place mixture into a pastry bag with a tip of your choice,
 or use a zip-lock bag and snip the corner of the bag off.  

Take a peeler and peel some of the cucumber skin, 
making a striped pattern.  
Then slice into 1/4 inch rounds.  
Pipe the cream cheese mixture onto the cucumber.  
Sprinkle minced chives over the cream cheese cucumbers. 
Serve immediately.

Enjoy your day!

Karla & Karrie
The Summer Kitchen Girls

Thursday, April 13, 2017

Tea for Two & Tea of the Month

We wanted to show off a few of our new vintage tea cups...
and while we were at it,
 we thought you'd like to sing along with us

"Picture me upon your knee

Just tea for two and two for tea
Just me for you and you for me alone
Nobody near us to see us or hear us
No friends and relations on weekend vacations
We won't have it known that we have a telephone"

"Dear, day will break, you'll awake

And start to bake a sugar cake

For to take, for all the boys to see

We will raise a family

A boy for you and a girl for me

Can't you see how happy we would be?"

 Doris day turned 95 this month...
can you believe it?!
We just love her!

How about a cup of tea?

Our Tea of the month is 
Tea S'il Vous Plait

It is a delicious blend of Almond, Peach & Orange
Take $1 off when you come in or call to order a bag!

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

50 Years & Counting!

Last weekend our family celebrated
a very special event!

Our parent's 
50th Wedding Anniversary!

Isn't this the cutest invitation?  
Well...probably because they were
just the CUTEST couple!!

 We transformed dad's barn into a little something special!
A little elbow grease and quite a bit of painted plywood 
and paper lanterns transformed the shop into
something quite special!

 The weather even cooperated and the tent was pleasant to sit in!

Mom's colors were turquoise and pink so we got 
turquoise table sashes to put down the tables
and added LOTS of paper doilies 
(because mom LOVES doilies...almost as much as she loves pillows lol!)

Peonies, Roses, Hydrangeas & Succulents...
need we say more???

Well...we will say that we've been collecting a LOT of
Hobnail Milk Glass and it was 

We had printed off all of her pictures from 
mom & dad's  wedding album...

and put them in either gold or black frames 
to sit on the table with the flowers

These little succulents were just darling...
we had to share another picture!

  We also used a lot of bedding plants in shades of pink 
to line the tables with...
that way we could use them in mom's outdoor pots after the party!

One of the "HITS" of the party was the life-size cutout
of mom and dad's wedding picture...aren't they adorable?

They had their picture taken with people ALL night long!

On the table in front of them, 
they honored their parents with their pictures...
Up top is mom's dad Billy and her mom Norma,
 next is Dad's mom Betty and dad Paul, 
next is mom's stepdad Harmon with her mom Norma.

The picture up front is this one with their parents.

Keeping with the hobnail theme...
mom wanted her cake to look like hobnail as well...
 and it was too cute especially sitting on
that milk glass ruffled plate! 

There were tons of beautiful cupcakes!
Vanilla, Chocolate & Carrot Cake...

In was the 
never-ending tower of cupcakes...
there were a LOT of cupcakes eaten that night!

Although they did cut their cake...there was no feeding each other
pieces of cake...per mom!!!

Another fun spot was dad's request to have the 
Hornet + 3
or "MQF" ~ NASA's Mobile Quarantine Facility
so that everyone would be able to:

1. Learn a little Airstream History
2. Have fun taking pictures in it!

This was a pretty popular spot that night...

We couldn't even begin to tell you 
how many people 
wanted their picture in the Airstream!

That evening was a great memory maker...for sure!  
Everyone had a blast...and to remember the night
 we had a guest book made up for everyone 
to give their good wishes in...
it had all of their pictures from their wedding in it, 
so it will make a wonderful keepsake for mom & dad!


 Thanks for visiting...and sharing in our
with us!!

 Karla & Karrie
The Summer Kitchen Girls

Thursday, February 18, 2016

Getting A-head(board)

That's what we did a lot of this winter...
how about you?

We wanted to show off one of our favorite projects...
Karrie's Headboard!

How many of you have headboards?  
That is one of the last things both Karrie and I did before finishing our rooms...
searching for the right headboard...not coming up with anything...
and then it hits us...

"let's just make our own!"
after all...many of the headboards Karrie was looking at 
looked kinda like a
  five-paneled door....
and it just so happened that we had
 an extra one lying around at the family farm!!!

So off we went to pick out some
  trim and molding

    Drug the Dad and Hubby 
into the project... 
and their tools;)

We had in our head pretty much how we wanted to do it, 
but we also did some research on Pinterest 
and we discovered lots of other people had the same idea...Duh!

We did discover from that, though,
what we did and did not want.  
We knew that we wanted those panels centered,
so we trimmed the bottom off of the door....

We also wanted posts on either side... 
we didn't want the "floating headboard" look

We sanded it down, 
primed it and painted it black...

Then sanded some more to distress it a bit.

We love how it turned out
and just how perfect it is for this room!

Stop in and join us for DIY by Design 
for some awesome inspiration today!

Enjoy your week!!

Karla & Karrie
The Summer Kitchen Girls

Monday, February 08, 2016

Vintage Clay

One of the first places we head to at an Estate Sale
is the GARAGE...

We are always looking for some great vintage 
Clay Pots

We LOVE the look of these pots...
and can't get enough!

You can't find patina like this 
on new pots....

Nothing beats the great distressing 
of Vintage Terra Cotta pots...

but we have seen where you can take new pots 
and "age" them to look like older pots here.  
These new  distressed pots look a little better...
but can never compare 
to the weathered years on these beauties!

Love the "W" on this one...
Wonder what it was for?

Not only do we love collecting them and appreciating their
vintag-y goodness, Karrie uses them to hold 
beautiful flower arrangements in....

And...Spring is that means
that this week Pots are being prepped 
with some lovely moss....

and will be waiting for some 
 pretty flowers to brighten your day!

"It is always exciting to open the door 
and go out into the garden for the first 
time on any day."
~Marion Cran

Thursday, January 21, 2016

A Culinary Trip Down Memory Lane

Happy 2016 Everyone!!
What a wonderful year 2015 was...
we are looking forward to spending some time with you all this year!

While out and about last year we found this
adorable recipe box
(we LOVE old recipe boxes...don't you?)

So we thought that we'd share some of the contents with you...
because it really is fun(ny) and interesting

First there were lots of 
menu ideas 
for the week...

What do you think?

It doesn't sound too bad....

UNTIL you get to Friday's lunch of
Individual Spinach Rings!!

There were several hand written recipes
like this Quick Nut Bread

Stuck in the recipe box were some 
Games for Adults and older Children!  

This Impromptu Scavenger Hunt might be fun
at your next get-together!

(our favorite part is where it says "make necessary rules against tearing pictures 
off the walls and about returning things afterward to their proper homes
 and respective corners" ~ LOL!!!!)

And then...there were the 
cut out from the paper....

They MUST be delicious...
these ladies both won a dollar for submitting the winning recipe...

We just might have to try one for fun...what do you think??

Thanks for coming down a Culinary Memory Lane with us today!

Join us for What's it Wednesday
with Patti & Paula from Ivy & Elephants
for some great inspirations!!

Have a great week!

Karla & Karrie
The Summer Kitchen Girls


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